You're a sellout!

What does it take to self-promote and is it ever OK?

Listen to this episode: “You’re A Sellout!”

This episode happened randomly.

I had planned to talk about something else, but then I read an article that got me thinking a lot about art, commerce, and self-promotion.

It’s a topic I think about in my day job, and I wanted to explore more here and on the podcast.

It comes down to this: there’s being an artist who creates art, but there’s also a need to be an artist who can self-promote and share. 

And also, there is a need to be an artist who can make a living from art, if one is so inclined.

The article got me thinking because it talked about being a sell-out. In the old days, that meant someone who compromised artistic integrity to appeal to a larger, more commodified audience.

The author talks about how so many artists find themselves in the rat race of making TikTok videos and busting ass to build an author platform. 

And how that’s taking artists away from the central function of making good art.

The point is well-taken, but self-promotion and making a living have always been part of the game. It’s just that the tools are different now.

How do you find the balance? That’s the question that I’ve long pondered.

So… in this episode, I’m sharing some insights about the relationship between art, commerce, and self-promotion.

I hope that it serves some of you. 🤞 

Listen to this episode: “You’re A Sellout!”

PS - I had to take a few weeks off from posting episodes and doing newsletters. I was prioritizing rest, which I will discuss more in the coming weeks. How do you do that? 🖤