Pushing against the void

Not all is lost.

Listen to this episode: “Pushing Against the Void”

As I researched my past, I encountered places where information had been erased.

Not by malignant actors but by the churn of history.

Information gets destroyed.

Pages get lost.

People pass.

Memories fade.

Places fall into decay.

It’s like this void of which I speak is the final arbiter of history into which everything tumbles.

I tried to capture as much of my family story as possible before it all slipped into the void.

I wasn’t always successful.

But I built a story out of what I could find. I took the bits and pieces and built a narrative anyway.

Gaps included.

In the podcast episode, I talk about how we can navigate the times when we can’t know everything because the facts are lost.

The not-knowing sits centrally in the human experience.

I guess it’s esoteric, but I do my best to make it all practical or at least insightful for those looking to piece together a real-life story.

You tell me if it works.

Listen to this episode: “Pushing Against the Void”

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