Big things first

The world wants you to focus on the short-term. Resist the urge.

Listen to this episode: “Big things first.”

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about holding your ground as a creative person.

We’re talking about that familiar situation where you want to do one thing and want to see a particular vision materialize, but…

…the world wants you to do something else.

And the long-term goal?

Never happens.

The short-term and the tactical have a weird way of monopolizing our time and energy if we let it. Which we often do. 

It’s usually easier to do whatever urgent and relatively easy task comes into view. And then do the next one and the next one.

So I propose this: do the big thing first. 

Do that which advances the vision before anything else.

Make it your priority.

This harkens back to the second episode I ever did (this is number 30) about how you don’t “make time” for creative work, but you take it by force.

I get that I’m being aggro in all of that, but it’s that important. 

I’m not overstating anything.

Creating what you want often means standing in defiance of what draws you off your path. It requires you to reclaim your time and energy from a world that always seems to find a way to pull it away from you.

So, I challenge you to listen to this episode and see if it rings any bells. 🔔 

Then email me back to tell me if you feel like this is something you can or can’t do.

Okay. 👍🏽 

Listen to this episode: “Big things first.”

PS - get at me. 🖤