Find space to play

I just started DJing again after seven years; here's why it matters to you.

Listen to this episode: “Space to play”

I picked up DJing again a few weeks ago.

I’ve been into DJing pretty much since I was a teenager, off and on.

I never wanted to do it for a living, nor did I have any ambitions around it.

It’s something I do sheerly for the joy of it.

I love listening deeply to pieces of music, seeking connections between them, and working out how they all fit together.

I like playing deep and percussive house music, mixing it with 70s stuff and African music when I can make it work.

It’s one of those things that gives me life, and that’s all I need from it.

But for whatever reason, I stopped doing it about seven years ago. Maybe I got into other stuff, or the demands of daily life pushed it out.

Whatever it was, I stopped.

And when I picked it back up a couple of weeks ago, I realized how much I missed doing it and how much it adds to my experience here on Earth.

The central thing about it is that it affords me a space to play. 

I don’t have to do it for any extrinsic reason, like money or recognition. I don’t have any pressure to perform in a certain way. If I’m having fun doing it, that’s what matters. If other people like what I play, great. 

Bringing DJing back has brought a little more play back into life.

This means the spirit of play infuses other parts of reality with an extra touch of ease. And I have a lot of big things happening right now, so I could use that ease.

So that’s what I’m talking about on the podcast: finding space to play. 

I don’t know what that looks like to you, but I hope the ideas in this week’s episode bring you closer to having more space to play in your life.

Listen to this episode: “Space to play”

PS - If you want to hear a mix, message me, and I will send you a couple. 🖤