The essential creator

The essential task of a human

Listen to this episode: “The essential creator”

I almost deleted this episode. I was listening back to the recording as I made dinner, and for some reason, it felt cringe.

Who am I to tell people what the essential purpose of being a human is? 

That’s what I’m doing in this episode, and damn, did it feel grandiose. It felt weird to tell people what the purpose of being a human was. I mean, damn.

It made me want to delete everything and talk about something else.

Something that somehow felt safer.

And to be honest, I feel fear to some degree every time I put an episode out there.

There’s stuff I wish I could have said differently or better.

But I feel that maybe the more I want to delete something, the more reason there probably is for me to keep it.

I’ve been reading “Be Seen” by Jen Gottlieb, and she has this to say: “if you never feel fear, it means you aren’t stretching yourself enough to experience any sort of growth.”

So fear seems to indicate the direction in which we should move in some strange way. 

Feeling fear means pushing outside the comfort zone and doing something new. Fear might be the required counterforce to creativity, the essential human task.

I say that being creative is the essential task of being human because, for whatever reason, that’s precisely what we’ve evolved to do: create. 

It’s in our nature, but it can be so slippery and difficult to embrace it.

Whether it’s fear, discomfort, comparison, overthinking, hesitation, perfectionism, or just limiting beliefs, all kinds of internal blocks arise to stop us from creating the way that we can.

For me, I know that not creating and sharing felt like a disconnection from the world.

As if by not creating, I was never being fully present.

As if what’s inside had no way to connect with the world outside of me. 🔌 

I will go out on a limb and say that I am not the only one who feels that way. We all have different stories about how we got there, but many feel blocked creatively.

So I invite you to listen and get some insight into why it’s so critical to create - for anybody, even if you don’t see yourself as a “creative person.” Because you probably are one.

Listen to this episode: “The essential creator”

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